We the People: Coming Together After the 2016 Presidential Election


As the sun rose on the morning of Election Day, it appeared that the day would be a landslide of blue.  Polls from the Huffington Post and Princeton polled the likelihood of a Clinton win at 98% and >99%, respectively.  Even the website 538 awarded Clinton with a 71% chance of returning to the White House with Bill Clinton.  SNL joked about the Election and discounted the GOP Nominee for a joke.

And the Democrats were confident because of this; They thought the “deplorable” Trump supporters were clutching onto some imaginary hope and that the Republicans might even lose the Senate.  Even I thought these results of Decision 2016 seemed inevitable.  I had diligently studied the polls and created possible outcomes on 270 to win, but it seemed that in every scenario, Hillary Clinton emerged victorious.

We were all surprised, for no one expected the sun to set in a red sheen the night of Election Day.  The Electoral College had spoken.

Trump ended that night as the new President-Elect, but millions have still not accepted him as our next President.  There is rioting across this nation, vandalizing, assaulting, and protesting our very Democracy.  It is understandable to be upset that one’s candidate suffered defeat, but it is unacceptable for masses, including those who did not even vote, to protest one of the foundations that has made this country succeed.  It is also interesting that those who were offended with Trump’s assertions of “rigged” polls and Election have started to believe it themselves.

To those that are spreading violence across the nation because of the Election results: The Election is over, and you had your chance to make your voice heard.  And whether you voted or not, you will have to accept these results.  Trump has won the Election fairly, just like the Presidents elected before him all have.  And above all, when you protest, you do not just protest against Donald Trump, you protest against all of America and our values that we hold most dear.  If you really love and support our country, you then realize the deep partisan division in our country.  It is thus important to renew unity and allow America become the United States again, and this starts with understanding that We, the People, and the States have spoken.

But, I believe it does not stop here.  President Obama must also try to bridge the chasm of the Democratic and Republican parties for the sake of maintaining peace within our country.  In his speech following election day, Obama stated that, “We are now all rooting for his [Trump’s] success in uniting and leading the country”, but he must continue to aid the President-elect in this massive task.  Obama, as the current President, must focus on sustaining law and order in America to protect the sovereignty of the Republic.

Additionally, many radicals have intimidated minorities and deeply offended multitudes of Americans in acts of racism.  They cite Trump’s victory as justification for these horrendous deeds.

To those pro-Trump individuals: although tens of millions of Americans are excited for a Trump Presidency, there are also tens of millions of Americans who feel like they are threatened because of the election.  Americans must now promote unity so that this fear dissipates, because open-mindedness is crucial to the success of any President entering the White House.  This fear can only subside if acts of intimidation and violence against minorities are halted.  These actions can only further hatred, hostility, and the division in our country.  Therefore, for the sake of our country and the common good, I ask you to refrain from these malicious deeds.  In order for Trump to succeed, his supporters must promote peace and compassion.

Trump must also continue to speak openly against this hatred.  In an interview with 60 Minutes, he urged these radicals to “Stop it”, but he must continue to stress this issue on a much larger scale.  Furthermore, Trump and Obama must work together, breaking party boundaries to forge peace.  This must become a main goal for both men, because if they unite, there is hope for unity to emerge in our country.


But regardless of who you voted for this month, it is important to remember that we all have something to be thankful for in regards to this Election: the power of the electorate.  We are the biggest agent of change in our country. We decide who is the best-fit to govern us on local, state, and national scales.  We decide if these leaders are meeting our expectations and the common values that America holds most precious.  We vote for our personal ideologies, and we decide what candidate is best for our country over the next term.

We the people, play a crucial role in deciding our nation’s future.  We have the ability to decide this, not the press or lobbyists.  We have this power and this right, which we too often take for granted, especially today.  Oppressive regimes across the globe have choked freedoms from their citizens, who now have become enslaved to the State.  But we are blessed to wield the power to either reject or embrace tyranny.  We, as well as the States, are able to prevent or halt an increasingly more powerful centralized government.  We are able to make a stand against inactivity and scandals, the “business as usual” of Washington, from both sides of the aisle.

We have been entrusted with this immense power by our Founding Fathers because they understood that the government is to serve us first.  They understood that we are the best defense for our liberties, that we must be the ones who keep a close watch on the government, and not the other way around.

And we must be thankful that we still view this right as self-evident.  We are still heard through every election the same way as we were 227 years ago when George Washington was first elected.  We the people have spoken through the states, and we have sent a new message to our nation’s capital that reflects what Americans want from across this glorious land, not just densely populated cities. The people wanted Donald Trump, and the “silent majority” realized the power of their vote, too.

Our 45th President will be Donald J. Trump, and we all should respect the will of the people and the states in this decision.  It is time the violence and anger over the results is stopped.  The people had their chance to vote, and if you did not, you have not satisfied your duty as a citizen to speak your mind about the future of America.

The violence, as aforementioned, must come to an end.  The divide of partisanship must be bridged.  I never said it would be easy, but it must start today.  We, as Americans, must respect and encourage Trump, because the success of our President is the success of the American people.

And it is time to act like it.  Next January, Trump will be sworn into the highest office of this country, and it is essential that we are no longer split into two factions.  The Election has concluded.  It is time we begin to realize, again, that we are one people and one United States, for “A House divided against itself cannot stand”.

Image Credits: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/elections/live_results/2016_general/president/map.html