Meet Our Team

Next Generation Politics Blog is managed and staffed entirely by high school students who share a passion for journalism and affairs involving the world around them. Our mission at NGP Blog is to promote intellectual discourse among those part of Generation Z and beyond. Political affiliation is never taken into account when making decisions about what and what not to publish.

Articles are fact-based and provide a unique perspective on many of today’s hottest issues, while featuring a substantial array relevant news articles that mainstream media outlets will not cover.

NGP Blog strives to enable any individual to gain a firm grasp of economics, business, politics, science, popular culture, and other subject areas in a relevant context. As a general principle, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide a well-rounded intellectual base upon which individuals can make sound decisions to uphold the sovereign responsibility of our democracy.

Founders and Staff


Ryan Adell, Next Generation Politics Founder

Ryan Adell is the Founder of Next Generation Politics (NGP) and served as the organization’s Executive Director from its creation in 2016 to the summer of 2018. Understanding that many of his peers felt distanced from the governmental and political process, Ryan founded NGP to promote civic engagement and cross-partisanship among young people. Since NGP’s beginnings in 2016, Ryan engaged in every facet of the organization’s growth and evolved the Next Generation Politics movement into a network of students, elected officials, educators, and activists from across the United States. He hopes the anger and hostility present in traditional “politics” can ultimately be replaced with a culture of fraternity and collaboration.

Ryan is currently a freshman at Brown University and sits on NGP’s Board of Directors. Please reach out to him with any questions or comments — or if you just want to talk about politics!

Nick Sawicki, NGP Blog Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Nick Sawicki is a Senior at Shady Side Academy High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He is passionate about journalism, politics, and science, and devotes much of his time to his school’s Science Olympiad team and newspaper. In his spare time, Nick enjoys reading, running, golfing, and listening to 80’s music.

In 2016 Nick helped lead the merger between the former Atlas Business Journal and Next Generation Politics and saw to the formation of Next Generation Politics Blog where he now holds a National Director position. He is currently working with the rest of the Next Generation Politics National Board following its merger with Civics Unplugged, to continue facilitating discourse among members of Generation Z in today’s polarized political landscape so that America’s future can be one of progress.

James Han, Managing Editor

James is a junior at University High School in Normal IL. He is heavily involved in speech and debate and loves politics. James is mostly interested in foreign policy and foreign current events. However, when it comes to domestic policy he can certainly bring a strong argument to the table.

Shreeya Aranake, Director of Communications

Shreeya Aranake is a senior at Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California. She is a member of TEDxMilpitasHigh and is on the varsity tennis team at her high school. She is interested in politics and hopes to explore economics in her future writing career.

Samantha Martin, Director of Outreach

Samantha Martin is a sophomore at Carlisle High School, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She is very passionate about journalism and politics, and expresses this passion through writing through her school news website. In addition to her writing, Samantha also participates in her school’s Model United Nations group, as well as student council and her local Shakespeare troupe.

Aneesh Goel, Contributor

Aneesh is a sophomore at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale California. He is heavily interested in business and entrepreneurship and runs a nonprofit which aims to foster youth entrepreneurship. He is also involved in FHS DECA and is currently in the process of starting his own company.

Andrew Sveda, Contributor

Andrew Sveda is a Senior at Shady Side Academy High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys reading about and discussing politics, and is actively involved in his school’s acting and theater program.

Diya Chadha, Contributor

Diya is a sophomore at Syosset High School in New York. She enjoys learning about history, international affairs, and social issues. Diya also loves to travel and explore new places.

Jay Pade, Contributor

Jay is a senior in HS who enjoys “ranting” about politics; he loves chess and will gladly argue with you about why Star Wars is objectively better than Star Trek. Jay also has a knack for photography.

Jenny Yu, Contributor

Jenny Yu and is a junior at Northville High School in Northville, Michigan. She is a member of the Model United Nations team and the DECA team. She figure skates frequently, and is extremely interested in entertainment and politics, specifically in how the two intermix.

Mateo Portelli, Contributor and Editor

Mateo was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a junior attending Bishop Gorman High School. He is the 2018 Nevada State Congressional Debate Champion and is on the 2018 Nevada State Mock Trial Championship team. He is also a youth attorney with the Clark County Law Foundation’s Trial By Peers teen court program. Mateo is a US History and Government enthusiast, often being nicknamed by his peers as “The Constitution Kid,” and adores studying jurisprudence, the law, and the philosophy of government.

Matt Matisz, Contributor

Matt Matisz is a Senior at Vincentian Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. He is part of his school’s mock trial and forensics teams and is a member of the National Forensic League. Outside of school, he enjoys reading about politics, getting involved with the political process, and playing soccer.