An Open Letter to Senator Gary Peters (D-MI)

| By Contributor Jenny Yu |

An open letter to Senator Gary Peters of Michigan:

Dear Senator Peters,

I would first like to thank you for representing the great state of Michigan and fighting for us Michiganders. In light of the recent tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School this past week, I urge you to take a stronger stance on gun control and the need for more elaborate background checks. I believe that it’s necessary for the background checks to extend to family members as well to prevent adolescents with mental illnesses from getting their hands on a firearm or weapon.

As a current high schooler, I believe that a school is a place where the only thing students should be worried about is their education. Dying and shooting is not and should never be part of the equation. It’s tragic how victims of school shootings are often taken away from the futures while trying to improve it. I cannot even begin to imagine how the Stoneman Douglas High School students are feeling and will feel for the rest of their lives. School shootings are now such a common event that the American public has slowly become apathetic to it. It is now only the highlight of a few news cycles before it’s disregarded as old news.

As an unpopular opinion, I believe the second amendment is tragically outdated. It comes from a time where weapons and firearms didn’t weren’t as fast and definitely weren’t as technologically advanced. It has been almost two decades since Columbine and yet not near enough reform has been implemented. Not near enough measures have been put in place to prevent similar situations from occurring.

While I am aware that certain potential shootings have been prevented due to the possession of firearms by someone who is able to combat the attackers, more preventative members need to be in place. I am calling upon you and upon Congress today to come up with a bipartisan solution to prevent so many school shootings, and shootings in general, from occurring the United States. Although there needs to be more compromise in Congress, this is not an issue that American can compromise on. A compromise would come at the cost of American lives on American soil.

Moving forward, I hope that you will work to implement legislation to make sure that the Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy is the last of its kind. Kids in school today are the future of America and we need to prioritize their lives. This is not near the best we can do to protect our citizens and our children. I hope that you will take my words to heart and fight for stricter gun laws in our country.

For the Next Generation,


Jenny Yu

This letter has been edited and uploaded by Editor Mateo Portelli