What is Next Generation Politics?


Our country is grappling with fiery partisanship, red-hot anger, and deep-rooted division. There’s no such thing as an overnight solution; there’s no magical sound bite; there’s no quick fix legislation; there’s no “ignorance is bliss.”

To relieve this division and ensure effective and representative decisions at the polls, we need grassroots, community-based solutions. This is why I – along with a group of politically-minded and active high school students – initiated Next Generation Politics. As a nonpartisan organization, our goal is to foster enthusiasm and activism for our country’s political process and government.

We host town hall meetings during which elected representatives from both sides of the aisle, on all levels of government, answer questions and speak to students about political issues and government. As a result, members hear differing, and often conflicting, policies and viewpoints. We also host student political debates during which participants argue hotly contested topics; through this, our members hear both sides of an argument and can develop genuinely informed opinions based on them.

Since Next Generation Politics was initiated 6 months ago, we have established over 20 chapters across multiple states, grown our membership, and built a coalition of students, educators, and elected officials – but we’re not done yet.

It is critical that our message spreads and resonates with not just those in New York – where we are based – but those around our country. Nonpartisan education, in an age where fake news is rampant, is critical to the future of our nation. As future voters, we must equip ourselves with informed opinions to tackle the issues plaguing our country, not a partisanship mindset that will further divide us and lead to gridlock.

We are partnered with the The Atlas Business Journal, where we encourage our members to contribute articles, but we are currently seeking additional student leaders from around the country. Initiating your own chapter, or directing multiple chapters in your state, will heighten your organizational, administrative, and leadership capabilities. Likewise, your role as a chapter leader or state director will ensure that you drive our movement further and break the bars of partisanship.

If you are interested in leading a chapter or directing a series of chapters in your state, visit our website, nextgenpolitics.org, and get involved today.