| By California State Director Shreeya Aranake |

An open letter to Representative Ro Khanna of California’s 17th Congressional District:

Dear Representative Ro Khanna,

As a life-long resident of California, and a soon-to-be constituent of your district, I strongly urge you to take a stronger stance opposing illegal immigration.

Recently, many Democrats have come out in support of DACA and DREAMers. Their arguments are not unfounded; after all, children who had no part in their coming to the United States are Americans should not be taken away from their homes. However, proponents of allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the United States and allowing them to have all the benefits of a legal citizen, including the vote, is hurting the Democratic Party and the message they are sending to the rest of the world.

This past election year has taught us that, to much of the country, liberals and Democratic politicians seem to be “out of touch” with the American people. There are countless social media posts and speeches at Womens’ Rallies of politicians defending illegal immigrants, and in turn, this allows people in other countries to think that it is completely acceptable to enter the United States illegally and attempt to make a life here. It feels as though it is impossible for the two parties to agree on anything these days, and because immigration is such a contentious topic, acknowledging that illegal immigration is wrong will begin a road to fixing this country’s immigration system.

I believe that this is the sentiment that should be held by more Democratic members of Congress: a condemnation of those who have not abided by the rules to get here, no matter the desperation, and a willingness to fix a broken immigration system that makes it so difficult for those seeking citizenship to get here in the first place is what will help the country in the long run.

This is mainly for the purposes of politics, as is the decision to praise illegal immigrants. The Democrats must convey to the American people that they stand by those who are here legally. This will not only portray the Democratic Party as a group of strong leaders willing to crack down on immigration, but also bring in voters that feel as though they’ve lost their livelihood because illegal immigrants will take lower wages. 

Identify and accept the problem, attempt to fix it by compromise with the majority Republican leadership, and slowly but surely, progress will ensue through bipartisanship and compromise. Though this may seem harsh, and it may lose some political votes among left-leaning populations, it is imperative that the United States send a unified message when it comes to following the law of the land: come here legally, or don’t.

For the Next Generation,


Shreeya Aranake


This letter has been edited by Editor Mateo Portelli