An Open Letter to Representative Peter King (R-NY-2)

| By Director of Outreach and Expansion Ryan Arranz |

An open letter to Representative Peter King of New York’s 2nd Congressional District:

Dear Representative King,

As a representative for Long Island, you know what a huge threat MS-13 poses to residents. With recent drug busts and arrests of gang members across Long Island, more and more atrocities are being tied to MS-13, including some murders. A huge part of MS-13’s Long Island activity takes place in your district between Central Islip and Brentwood. As a concerned resident, I urge you to rally the rest of Congress to take a stronger stance against MS-13.

MS-13’s presence on Long Island can be attributed to a number of causes, but I fear weak policy on illegal immigrants and illegal immigration is allowing MS-13 to become increasingly powerful. When a gang comprised of illegal immigrants who can’t keep track of is such a huge safety threat, an immigration revision seems necessary.

While I’m aware of and truly appreciate your efforts to combat MS-13; I can’t say the same of many members of Congress. I feel that it is important for you, and other Long Island representatives, to put pressure on the rest of Congress to fix our immigration policies and help combat MS-13’s growth. The issue of illegal immigrants joining gangs was brought up by President Trump in his State of the Union Address, which has helped shed a light on the issue, but there is still not enough being done to keep Long Island safe.

Please consider taking further action in Congress to protect Long Island against MS-13’s activities, help pass legislation allowing for more police activity in the areas where MS-13 is prominent, and make sure the rest of Congress is aware how much of an issue this really is. If there is anything I’m asking of you that you’d like to discuss, Next Generation Politics would love to hear from you.

For the Next Generation,


Ryan Arranz


This letter has been edited by Editor Mateo Portelli