Dear Kathy Griffin,

Upon watching your press conference in response to your recent social media post featuring our nation’s president decapitated, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts:

I first wanted to thank you for promising to “push the edges of our comfort levels and beyond.” I used to be absolutely mortified by images of the ISIS beheadings shown by right-wing fascist media like Fox News, but thanks to you, I now see them in a much different light. You have imbued within me the ever so important cultural sophistication of “artistic expression” and how it can be a tool to guide a society away from demagoguery and towards tolerance. As such, the next time I, as a high school student, hear one of my teachers utter the phrase “radical Islamic extremism,” I’ll just take a page from my ISIS issued “How to Survive in the West” guidebook, whip on my ski mask, and livestream a beheading of said teacher’s gory mannequin for the entire student body to watch. I’m sure everyone would be thrilled to partake in this new method of artistic expression, particularly said teacher’s 11 year old children.

I would also like to thank you for representing the feminist movement in your recent post and really showing those “older white guys trying to keep [you] down” who’s the boss. No one can deny that you’re helping women move ahead (pun completely intended) in society by standing up to our nation’s most “woman hating” and “tyrannical President” in history. I’m confident that I speak for all women in America when I say that your “bucket of dick jokes” and “latex bikini” photoshoot makes you the perfect representation of the feminist movement in all its progressive glory. You’re helping the next generation of young American women live up to their fullest potentials, one decapitated white male at a time.


… I would just like you to answer this one question …


Why would you ever willingly compare yourself to other male “artists” such as Marilyn Manson or Municipal Waste? I get that you’re trying to make the point that the President is singling you out because you’re a woman and he has yet to “end the careers” of other male artists who have also criticized him, but you lose all of your dignity when you place yourself on the same level as creepos such as Marilyn Manson. Have you even watched any of his videos?

Mrs. Griffin, if there is one thing you should know, it’s that you are not a feminist. Feminists don’t hide behind their gender as an excuse for inappropriate remarks or actions. Feminists don’t use their gender to play the victim. Feminists are heroes like Malala Yousafzai who stand up to the Taliban, even if it means getting shot in her head for simply seeking an education. By using the feminist movement to point your finger back at “older white guys” like our President for “ruining [your] career,” you acted with the immaturity and cowardice of child. Just as your lawyer affirmed how the President is expected to conduct himself “on a different level” from the rest of society, I think, to a certain extent, you are too. It would be rather imprudent for a CNN anchor like Anderson Cooper or another comedian like Stephen Colbert to mimic an ISIS beheading on set, just as it is for you. 

I don’t find the idea of what you did utterly reprehensible because you criticized the President. I am offended by the fact that you decided to “artistically express” yourself the same way that barbaric ISIS terrorists express their religious beliefs. It diminishes the severity of such actions and disrespects the families of loved ones who died in a such a manner.

As a “journalist” I am a firm advocate of every American’s 1st amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. I vehemently believe that you should not face criminal prosecution as many on the right are suggesting. That being said, you started the entire ordeal, and have nobody to blame but yourself. If there is one lesson I have learned from my parents and teachers, it is that actions have consequences. I can control what I choose to do, but I cannot control the outcome. You forfeited the right to have it all “stop now” once you clicked “post.” It is fair play for the first family to punch back, even if it’s 20 times harder – that’s the beauty of free speech here in America, it’s a two way street.


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