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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is a part of the liberal party of Canada and has a brand new agenda for the people of his country. Trudeau has finally ended the Conservative party’s reign on Canada and intends to make some drastic changes in Canada’s policies.

Economically, Justin Trudeau is looking to help the lower and middle classes thrive. He has proposed a tax plan that benefits the lower middle class that have increased child benefits. He has the cut the middle class tax rate from 22 percent to 20.5 percent for every Canadian with a taxable income above $44,701 and below $89,401. Where would the rest of the money come from? The well off Canadians. The Canadians that are earning a yearly income worth more than $200,000 will pay taxes that are worth 33 percent of their income. During Prime Minister Harper’s time, the well off only had to pay taxes worth 29 percent of their income. Justin Trudeau’s campaign was a hard fought one, and his taxation policies played a huge part in his victory. During the time of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Trudeau’s predecessor, many middle class families were extremely concerned with the bills they were supposed to pay and if they were going to be able to afford them or not. With an extremely large portion of Canada’s population defining themselves as middle class, a line needed to be defined as to who was part of the middle class and who was not. Once Trudeau was able to propose a plan that articulated all of the earning part of Canada’s population, he was able to win over many of the voters.

When it comes to the climate, Trudeau sides with the evidence that science provides. He plans to reduce methane emissions nearly by half, and reduce emissions of hydrofluorocarbons by implementing aligned greenhouse gas emission standards. Both Trudeau and President Barack Obama will be joining forces in order to fight climate change. Because of Stephen Harper’s stance on climate change, many Canadians were frustrated about the lack of action that was taking place in order to protect the earth’s and therefore Canada’s environment. Although Trudeau and the Liberal party are yet to articulate the full plan, Trudeau assured the Canadian people at a conference at Paris that he and his cabinet will soon develop a full plan in order to fight climate change.

Prime Minister Trudeau has also been tasked with dealing with a fairly new threat posing the Western world: the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIL. To fight this threat, Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have decided to stop bombing Iraq and Syria, and rather have decided to focus on military training, diplomacy, and aid. The Liberal party has also tripled the amount of forces in northern Iraq to 200 troops to help train the Kurds.

Justin Trudeau is the new breath of fresh air that Canada is desperately in need of. In areas such as taxes where the middle class who really needed help were not being taken care of and climate change, where absolutely no plan was articulated for Canada, Canada had been at a halt in terms of important executive actions. Trudeau has also been attempting to embrace the diversity of Canada’s people and highlight the need for equality for all. He has chosen a cabinet that is half female, and half male. He also has appointed two aboriginal members of parliament as well as three Sikh politicians. Trudeau states that he wants a cabinet that “looks like Canada.”

Justin Trudeau is no stranger to politics. His father, Pierre Trudeau, was a former prime minister of Canada, and this is the first time for a Canadian prime minister’s son to also become prime minister. Although Justin Trudeau was at first reluctant to join the political arena in the fear of being in the shadow of his father, he later decided that he would become a politician. His mindset changed just over a decade ago when he decided to support Gerard Kennedy to become the leader of the liberals in Canada. He noticed how he clicked with large and small crowds, and observed that he had a natural knack to connect with people. And now, over a decade later, we see a great leader hoping to begin a brand new chapter for Canadians. 

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Photo By The White House [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons