Hillary Clinton: The Double Standard of Justice in America



Director James Comey’s recommendation that Hillary Clinton not be criminally charged for possessing a private email server containing classified government documents, raises many red flags about the integrity of America’s judicial system. Over the past few decades, evidence has built up suggesting that two systems of justice exist in America: one for the powerful so called “elites”, the likes of former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and another for the rest of America. This double standard that exists in the judicial system is by no means a partisan issue, though it is greatly politicized by political candidates and journalistic sources all too eager to engage in slanderous rhetoric to advance a political agenda. From the lack of integrity exhibited by journalists who report factually inaccurate and heavily biased information, to the lack of integrity exhibited by decision makers of the judicial system, our country, founded upon the principles of liberty and justice for all, fails at just that.

So what exactly has Mrs. Clinton done that is so negligent, she faced criminal charges with the potential of jail time? Depending on which news source you read or watch, some believe the presumptive democratic nominee is free of any wrongdoing, while others argue the exact opposite. Clinton’s email scandal begins with the fact that she had in her possession, a private email server which was used to transmit work related documents, of which there were eight email chains that contained top secret information. Regardless of the fact that Mrs. Clinton’s server contained highly classified documents, the fact that she even had a private email server violates regulations of the National Archives and Records Administration requiring all “normal day-to-day operations be conducted on a government server.”

As a Secretary of State, it is imperative that protocol is followed, for reasons of security as well as accountability. Since the United States deals with many different foreign nations, it is crucial that sensitive intelligence remains privy to the State Department’s eyes only. A leakage of classified intelligence to certain nations could end the lives of innocent Americans abroad. And in the case of Benghazi, where innocent Americans’ lives were taken as a result of the State Department’s negligence, accountability is necessary in order to administer justice to those who ultimately deserve it. Unfortunately, justice was not readily served, due to a serious lack of accountability on the part of the State Department and Mrs. Clinton in particular. It costed taxpayers millions of dollars and took government workers thousands of hours to recover the thoroughly deleted emails from Clinton’s wiped server, emails which proved pertinent to Clinton’s trial. The Federal Records Act makes it abundantly clear that “government officials cannot remove or destroy relevant records” which makes Clinton’s stint of wiping her server clean of “non-work related emails”, (which was not for her to be the judge of) illegal. And yet, Mrs. Clinton remains “too big to jail.”

Though Clinton’s actions are at the very least a serious display of incompetence, one must consider the position that FBI director, James Comey, was placed in by trying the former Secretary of State. The director was more or less placed in a position of judge, jury, and executioner, following Attorney General Loretta Lynch‘s affirmation to the American public that she would “accept whatever the FBI recommends as part of the Clinton email investigation.” Had Comey chosen to indict the former secretary, his actions would have thrown the 2016 presidential election into complete pandemonium, and could have unintended consequences for his own personal career. At the end of the day, the decision not to indict Clinton was made on the assumption that she “lacked malicious intent” by possessing her own private server and subsequently jeopardizing highly classified government documents. While it’s easy for the American public to scream and shout for Clinton’s much anticipated indictment, it was proven by Comey himself, to be quite challenging to execute. To much of the American public, Director Comey’s had a choice of whether or not to rise above the political pressures involved in Clinton’s investigation, and it remains their vehement belief that by refusing to recommend criminal charges be brought against Mrs. Clinton, he failed to do just that.

George Orwell could not have spoken more truth when he said that “All Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Image Credits: By English: U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons